ACC Share Price History 1992 to 2022 | ACC share price target

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ACC Share Price History 1992 to 2022 – In this article, we’ll discuss the ACC share price from the year 1992 until 2022. Also , we will discuss ACC price history for shares in different years.

As well as the price history of ACC. Video has been uploaded to ACC cement Harshad Mehta scam done in 1992.

Acc Share Price from 1992 to 2022

YearShare price history per year 1992 – 2022
1992128 Rupees
1993146 Rupees
1994188 Rupees
1995221 Rupees
1996166 Rupees
1997143 Rupees
1998129 Rupees
1999111 Rupees
2000272 Rupees
2001181 Rupees
2002178 Rupees 
2003168 Rupees 
2004299 Rupees 
2005371 Rupees
2006580 Rupees
20071129 Rupees
20081039 Rupees
2009558 Rupees
2010988 Rupees
20111089 Rupees 
20121208 Rupees
20131453 Rupees
20141121 Rupees
20151594 Rupees
20161381 Rupees
20171441 Rupees 
20181858 Rupees
20191517 Rupees
20201578 Rupees
20211594 Rupees
20222258 Rupees
Acc Share Price from 1992 to 2022

ACC share price in 1992

YearAcc share price in 1992
1992Around ₹128
ACC share price in 1992

The price of shares at ACC in 1992 was about 128 rupees. The fraud was committed by Harshad Mehta through manipulation of the price of shares at ACC. The price of shares began to rise dramatically even though the company’s fundamentals were not very solid. The year 1992 was the time when ACC stock attracted lots of new investors due to an increase in price and false hype and the rising demand in the market.

ACC share price in 1994

YearAcc share price in 1994
1994Around ₹188
acc share price in 1994

Acc Share price in 2021

YearAcc share price in 2021
2021Around ₹1594
Acc Share price in 2021

The price of shares of ACC in 2021 was 1594 INR. that’s close to 15x more than the share price in 1992 of ACC. The company has performed well throughout the time. The manipulation of Harshad led to minor problems within the company, but after a period of time, the company grew again and began to perform effectively.

Acc Share price in 2022

YearAcc share price in 2022
2022Around ₹2258 
Acc Share price in 2022

ACC Share Price in 2020

YearAcc share price in 2020
2020Around ₹1578 
ACC Share Price in 2020

The cost of acc shares in 2020 was 1578 INR. The company has shown a remarkable comeback following covid-19. It was in 2020 that ACC prices at a low of 950 INR on the 27th of March in the same month that the entire Indian market was in turmoil however, later ACC share price shifted into recovery mode and reached a high of 1629 INR by close of 2020. Amazing isn’t it ?

ACC Stock Rate in 2010

YearAcc share price in 2010
2010Around ₹988
ACC Stock Rate in 2010

The price of ACC shares in 2010 was about 988 rupees. In 2010, ACC share prices were around 10 times the value for ACC shares in the year 1992. The cement business has been very successful throughout the years. They understood the needs of cement and designed their own MOAT for it. They also built a complete eco-system around their cement product.

ACC highest Share Price

High of nearly ₹2490 (Indian currency) was made by ACC between 1992-2022.

ACC lowest Share Price

Low of nearly ₹75 (Indian currency) was made by ACC during 1992 and 2022.

Company overview- What is ACC?

ACC is It stands for Associated Cement Companies Limited and is one of the largest cement producers in India and is in the third position in the production of cement. It was established on the one August day in 1936 Mumbai through F E Dinsha. The control of management over ACC ACC was taken over by Holcim group, a an internationally renowned Swiss company. ACC is not just one business, but it is created by combining various companies like-

  1. The Indian Cement Co. Ltd.
  2. The Katni Cement and Industrial Co. Ltd.
  3. Budhi Portland Cement Ltd.
  4. The Okha Cement Co. Ltd.
  5. The Gwalior Cement Company Ltd.
  6. The Punjab Portland Cement
  7. The United Cement Co. Ltd.
  8. The Shahabad Cement Co. Ltd.
  9. The Coimbatore Cement
  10. The Dewarkhand Cement Co. Ltd.
  11. The C. P. Cement Co. Ltd.

The information above is extracted from Wikipedia to assist our users to learn more about ACC and the price of its shares.

Harshad Mehta scam 1992

In 1992, a major fraud was perpetrated by Harshad Mehta, who manipulated his ACC share price, which resulted in an increase in ACC shares by nearly 4400% within a just a few months.

The price of the share was increased from 127INR to 9000INR.

In total, the scam cost around 5000INR. This was described as one of the most significant frauds in the history of Indian the share market.

Harshad Mehta scam 1992


What was the share price of ACC in 1992?

ACC share price in 1992 was 127 INR.

Who is the promoter of ACC?

Ambuja Cements, Holderind Investments Ltd and Holcim group are main promoters of ACC.

Is ACC good buy?

Yes, in last quarter company reported profit of around 448.16 Crore in Indian currency after taxes. As per experts ACC price target 2022 is around 2549 INR.

Is ACC large cap?

Yes, Acc is an large cap company with total market cap of over 37,000 crore in Indian currency.


Above tables and figures display details about the stock price of ACC between 1992 to 2022.
Additionally, the Harshad Mehta scam 1992 was mentioned earlier to assist our users be informed of the biggest scam in the stck market India.

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